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LadderOut helps break your addiction to pornography in 3 easy steps:

1. Sign up for a free account

Sign up for a free account by entering your email and choosing a password. Your data is kept private and will never be sold.

2. Access your personalized dashboard

Explore the LadderOut dashboard. When you’re ready, click Module “0” to start your journey toward a healthier, porn-free life.

3. Start climbing the LadderOut

Set a solid foundation for success by completing module exercises and lectures. Access additional resources that support you while breaking your addiction. 



LadderOut Provides Effective AI-Powered Tools That Help You Successfully Break Your Porn Addiction

Climb the LadderOut from your destructive porn addiction over 8 progressive modules. Each contains powerful tools that give you powerful strategies to break free. 

Each module contains:


Video Lectures

Understand every stage of the addiction process with professionally-produced video lectures that teach you why you are addicted to pornography. You’ll learn about mental, emotional, and physical triggers that help you understand the root causes of your behaviour. 


Inputs are confidential questionnaires and exercises that help you understand your addiction while providing critical data that forms the foundation of your program. Learn why you are addicted and gain valuable strategies and techniques you can apply each day to overcome your addiction and break free.


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How LadderOut Works

LadderOut gets to the root of the problem with a unique system that identifies triggers driving your porn addiction. Once you know why you use porn, our program defines blockers and breakers that help you take control of your addiction.


Triggers are situations and circumstances that create urges to go online and engage in unhealthy sexual behaviour. 

Your Triggers can be external, internal, or both. Examples of external Triggers include stressful situations, workplace conflicts, internet browsing habits, bad weather, and relationship events. 

Internal Triggers come from the inside. For some people, watching pornography is part of an effort to avoid certain feelings. These can include difficult emotions or experiences such as frustration, stress, sadness, boredom, pressure, anxiety, worry, and fear.


Blockers help minimize exposure to porn. 

As you move through the levels, you may develop strong urges to go online and engage in unhealthy sexual behaviors. That’s why breakers are so important - they help minimize exposure to specific circumstances or events that lead to urges to go online. 

Your blockers are unique to your situation. They can include adding censoring software to your devices, moving your devices to public areas of your home, cleaning up your hard drive, and getting rid of visuals such as magazines. 

Blockers are an integral part of your quitting journey. LadderOut helps you choose the most effective blockers that maximize your success. 


Urges to view pornography come and go. Overcoming those urges depends on willpower, however that’s not always the most effective strategy.

That’s where breakers come in.

Breakers are activities you can do in moments when you have urges to engage in unhealthy sexual behaviour. 

Breakers are based on neuroscience - the study of how your brain works.

Despite the negative long-term consequences, your brain knows that porn makes you feel better in the moment. Breakers help you weaken those pathways by providing healthy substitute behaviours that help you break unhealthy patterns and balance neurochemistry. 

Examples of breakers include physical exercise, deep breathing, switching to a new task, writing in a journal, calling a friend, playing a game on your phone, or taking a walk. 

LadderOut provides you with multiple breaker ideas. In addition, you will always be able to log on to the system, complete a module, and refocus your attention on the benefits of quitting pornography.


Mighty Tools


With the weekly and monthly check-ins you can see how your recovery is doing. Have you reached your goals? Are you in risk of a relapse? And so on...

Support Person

Connect a person that you trust on to your recovery plan. In this way he or she can help you when you are at risk of a relaps, or help you to hold your self accountable when the pain of withdrawal is taking over.


See what other people say about pornography and addiction. We can never have too much knowledge so why not read and watch some more.
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LadderOut FAQ

Is LadderOut Free?

Yes! The first LadderOut module is 100% unlocked.

Is my information safe? Will my identity be kept private?

Absolutely. We will never publish or sell your information, and your data and identity are kept confidential.

What are your system requirements?

LadderOut is accessible from any device. All you need is an internet connection.

Do you have a mobile app?

LadderOut is currently available as a web-based desktop application. Our team is planning iOS and Android apps in the near future.

What if LadderOut doesn’t work for me?

If LadderOut doesn’t work for you in 30 days, we will issue you a 100% refund.