About LadderOut


LadderOut was created by a dedicated team of mental health and technology professionals to address the growing problem of pornography addiction. 


Our Mission

Our mission at LadderOut is to help individuals break free from pornography addiction to lead healthier lives and reach their full potential.

Porn Addiction is Unhealthy

Pornography addiction is destructive for the individual, their relationships, and society as a whole. 

This may be contrary to what some people may think, perhaps believing that critiques of pornography are “old-fashioned and backward.” 

Mainstream media outlets even promote the use of pornography and self-pleasuring practices as “normal” or even “healthy”. 

In reality, pornography is a solitary activity far removed from actual sex. In addition, scientific research suggests that excessive porn use is unhealthy for the body, mind, and spirit.


Pornography Harms the Brain

Most humans are driven by novelty - especially new sexual experiences. Internet porn distorts this mechanism by providing a never-ending selection of sexual “partners” that trick the brain into thinking that the body has opportunities to reproduce.

It’s evident that viewing pornography is not an actual sexual experience. The static and moving images on the screen may be real people, but the depictions are entirely unrealistic.

For anyone trapped in pornography addiction, it is helpful to understand what is happening in the body and mind when viewing sexual content.

The Pornography-Dopamine Connection

When a person continuously views and achieves orgasms through pornography, “feel good” neurochemicals (or hormones) get fired up in the brain. 

Dopamine is one of the critical hormones that gets released. This causes pleasurable feelings throughout the body, similar to what one may experience when using drugs.

Sexual activity is not the only way to release dopamine. Our brains produce dopamine in numerous ways, such as eating high sugar foods, winning games, getting hugs, and other everyday activities.

Pornography spikes dopamine in unnatural ways - and this especially affects younger people that are still developing their cognitive faculties. 

Scientific research suggests that continuous orgasming while viewing pornography causes numerous adverse mental conditions. In addition, excessive dopamine production is one of the root causes of pornography addiction.

Adverse Side Effects of Pornography Addiction

It’s normal to want to have sex. After all, sexual intercourse is how humans reproduce. The “feel good” effects of sexual activity drive humans closer and enable the species to propagate.

Pornography completely distorts this process. There is no “sex” when orgasming to pixels on a screen. When looking at the issue from a purely neurochemical perspective, internet pornography simply triggers dopamine production without the added physical, emotional, and mental effects of an actual relationship.

Some negative side effects of pornography addiction include: 

  • Reduced memory capabilities
  • Anxiety in social situations
  • Inability to socialize with the opposite sex
  • Reduced concentration
  • Depression and other mental diseases
  • General unhappiness with daily activities
  • Anger and other communication issues

In addition to the above side effects, pornography consumption causes feelings of guilt and shame in many people. 

It’s normal to feel that way because your spirit is alerting you that something is very wrong.

LadderOut helps you climb out of pornography addiction

We created LadderOut with the mission of assisting others in breaking their addiction. Built by a team of technology experts and psychologists, LadderOut is designed to help you break free by:

  • Discover why you use pornography
  • Implementing blockers to prevent pornography use
  • Integrating breakers to stop pornography use when urges arise


Break free from pornography to unleash your human potential

Life isn’t easy, and we need all our forces aligned to reach our full potential. Pornography addiction is holding you back from accessing the true power of your inner being to attract a great partner, achieve success at work, and reach your highest physical potential.

LadderOut gets you started on the right path with three quick steps: 

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2. Access your account

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